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Our Code of Conduct

The Polish Armaments Group (PGZ) observes the highest standards while pursuing its activities and its conduct corresponds to the universal standards of ethics and integrity, transparency and responsibility.

Both in internal relationships and in relationships with business partners and other stakeholders as well as in relationships with the competitors, we comply with the rules included in the Code of Ethics and in the Anti-Corruption Procedure of the Polish Armaments Group.

The Code of Ethics defines the primary principles to be observed by all employees of PGZ member companies and explains the values which we should have in mind when making decisions. Thanks to the adopted standards we build trust in the Group and exert a positive influence on those we meet every day.

The Polish Armaments Group offers innovative products that enhance security to its customers. We fulfil all legal requirements, good practices and meet the expectations as to quality and security. We implement international standards concerning quality management, environmental management, information and personal data security systems.

Trust in our products commits us to permanent development and therefore we focus on implementation of modern technologies and involvement in research and development works. Because we live by the idea of open innovation, we invite our partners to actively participate in product creation and improvement processes, and we support customers at each stage of the product life cycle.

One of the primary pillars of PGZ operation is information security. Each of us is responsible for security of information inside the company and outside the workplace. We are particularly attentive to the application of the laws governing the flow of confidential information, being business secret. We protect confidential and strategic information and counteract misuse of such information.

The relations between the employee and the employer in PGZ are based on respecting personal dignity. We do not tolerate any forms of discrimination. We help our employees improve their qualifications and support their development. We abide by the provisions of the labour law, ensure employee safety and create friendly workplaces.

We act in a responsible and sustainable manner, respecting the needs of the customers, the society and the environment. We build our social responsibility strategy in a dialogue with external partners. Simultaneously with our business activity, we take care of protection and reclamation of the natural environment so that it can be preserved for future generations.

We find it important to build permanent relationships with our surroundings, based on integrity, dialogue, partnership and trust. We believe that such an attitude builds the good reputation of the company, which is the superior value for us.

The canons of conduct adopted by us reflect who we are and thus we all take care that they are observed by ourselves and by our external partners.

PGZ lives by the principle of “Zero tolerance for corruption”. We do not tolerate bribery or any other form of corrupt conduct in business activities. The Group as a business entity, the employees and other persons acting on our behalf are obliged to comply with the Anti-Corruption Procedure of the Polish Armaments Group. It forbids the employees and agents of PGZ to offer and/or accept financial or personal benefits in order to inappropriately win or maintain contracts, business contacts, as well as permits granted by state or local government institutions. In addition, the employees are expected not to take any measures leading to a conflict of interest, and as regards accepting and offering gifts and manifestations of hospitality/representation, they must be compliant with the rules specified in the Code of Ethics.

The compliance with the provisions of the Anti-Corruption Procedure is obligatory and the employees are aware that such conduct builds and reinforces the company’s goodwill. We are against corruption also in actions of our external partners, which we expect to observe standards of business ethics and anti-corruption policy.

PGZ performs its business operations with business partners worldwide and hence we are obliged to comply with the legal acts, applicable in other countries, which aim at combating corruption, among others the American FCPA – Foreign Corruption Practices Act, the British UKBA – United Kingdom Bribery Act, and the guidelines included in international agreements, in particular in the Convention of OECD or the Arms Trade Treaty adopted by the General Assembly of UN.

The awareness of the threat involved in corruption is regarded by us a strategic component of the company’s security. The employees of PGZ Capital Group and external partners can report suspected violations of PGZ’s Anti-Corruption Policy via an independent communication channel: , where they are treated in a confidential manner and investigated with due diligence.

            All of us in PGZ feel obliged to act consistently in compliance with the provisions of the Code of Ethics and the Anti-Corruption Policy, because abiding by these rules strengthens every single employee and all of them together.