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Defence industry

Polish Armaments Group is the leading capital group of the defence industry operating on the global market. As the leading business partner in the region, its structure associates more than 60 companies working for the benefit of the defence industry and employing circa 17.5 thousand people. This Polish armaments company achieves annual revenue of circa PLN 5B. Thanks to that, each defence company being the Group member will be able not only to preserve the existing jobs but also to create new ones – both directly in the Group and indirectly at Polish sub-suppliers and co-operators, including those from the civil sector.

Key issues for the Polish defence companies are: the transfer of modern technologies to the domestic defence industry, the strengthening of cooperation between the primary centres of the Polish economy, i.e. the Army, the industry and the science, and the development of modern technologies, including technologies acquired under offset agreements.

The rich experience of the defence companies in the field of manufacturing and maintenance of modern military equipment and army modernization helps concentrate the activities of the domestic industry. The newly established defence group would like to develop mechanisms that will allow it to build and maintain the globally competitive position for years.

The consolidation of defence companies, concentrating their activities as part of PGZ defence group, will enable executing large foreign contracts for the Polish defence industry. It will also contribute to increasing the role of the Polish defence industry in the performance of such contracts.

The leading consumers of the products and services delivered by the combined defence companies are the Ministry of National Defence and the Polish Army. The cooperation of the defence group with the Ministry and the Polish Armed Forces is a unique opportunity to create appropriate conditions for the development of research and innovation in the field of the defence industry in Poland. Thanks to modern products which satisfy the needs of a modern army, it will be possible to increase the sales volume and profitability of export of the equipment and services offered by the Polish defence industry.

PGZ’s structure is composed of various defence companies concentrated around, among others, MESKO – a company delivering modern ammunition and rocket missiles for the Polish Armed Forces, Huta Stalowa Wola – a company designing and manufacturing artillery equipment, or Wojskowe Zakłady Lotnicze – a company overhauling and maintaining combat helicopters and airplanes, including the modern F-16.