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Military equipment

The companies consolidated within the Polish Armaments Group are leading manufacturers of military equipment on domestic and foreign markets. Based on NATO standards, they are successfully developing the Polish military potential by introducing the most innovative solutions with the application of modern air or armoured equipment.

Polish Armament Group’s portfolio includes modules that are soon going to enter mass production. Example components of the development strategy of the Polish armaments industry, including key components, presenting air and armoured equipment, are described below.

The first priority programme as part of the Army modernization programme is air equipment modernization. The Ministry of National Defence will allocate almost PLN 30B for the military air industry by 2022. The plans provide also for obtaining drones (unmanned aircraft), attack helicopters and units with built-in combat support.

Armoured equipment modernization provides for the use of the 155 mm self-propelled ‘KRAB’ howitzer, manufactured by Huta Stalowa Wola. Thanks to its employment Polish Army’s armoured units are able to destroy rocket artillery, command posts or communication hubs. The new armoured equipment is one of the most powerful weapons of the Polish artillery.

Modular Firearm System (MSBS) 5.56 is a joint project of “Łucznik” Arms Factory in Radom and the Military University of Technology, available in 11 variants. This modern military armament covers a whole family of weapons prepared based on a single design. Complete equipment is composed of 6 classical versions (standard rifle, rifle with grenade launcher, mini-rifle, machine gun, sharpshooter rifle and rifle for the Representative Battalion of the Polish Army) and 5 bullpup variants (standard rifle, rifle with grenade launcher, mini-rifle, machine gun and sharpshooter rifle).

Apart from armoured and air equipment, one of PGZ’s flagships is ‘Rosomak’ Armoured Personnel Carrier. Manufactured under a licence in Siemianowice Śląskie, it counts as one of state-of-the-art military vehicles used by the Polish Armed Forces. So far it has been used during difficult missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. This military equipment is available in different versions – basic, serving for transporting troops, and combat, fitted with Hitfist-30P turret. In addition, the vehicle aids medical evacuation or reconnaissance.