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Army modernization

One of the primary goals of the Polish Armaments Group is to maximise the participation of the Polish industry in the Army modernization process.

The modernization of armed forces not only involves numerous advantages for the Polish Army but it is also a factor contributing to the increased competitiveness of other State sectors.

The increased equipment manufacturing volume and the provision of services for the Army will contributed to the growth in Poland’s defensive force and Polish defence industry competitiveness. The military potential of the Armed Forces will be enhanced through the transfer of technologies to our Army, executed as part of offset agreements, the intensification of military, industrial and scientific cooperation, and the development of civil technologies based on military technology.

The introduced solutions will help expand the domestic armaments export, which is already playing an important role in Poland’s economic policy and the promotion of the Polish Armed Forces worldwide. The domestic defence industry exerts a significant impact on the technological development of Poland, at the same time contributing to a closer cooperation with foreign allies and partners.

Financing will be provided for investment in new military equipment for the Polish Army, in particular as part of the air defence system and combating threats at sea, as well as for the modernization of armoured and mechanised forces. In addition, combat support helicopters and ‘Rosomak’ armoured personnel carriers will be purchased as part of the Army modernization programme.

Through the consolidation of domestic companies within the Polish Armaments Group, our Army will soon have the opportunity to become a major player on the European and global scene. It will be significant to build the leading position in the Polish Army modernization process in a gradual and sustainable manner, and as a result an innovative company with a global reach will be established.