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The PGZ Group focuses on the development of electromobility

The PGZ Group focuses on the development of electromobility 03.10.2019

The Polish Armaments Group and its Sanok-based company – Autosan have signed an agreement with the three largest energy groups in the development of electric car production in Poland. As part of the replacement of the special vehicle fleet, in the next four years, one of the companies from the PGZ Group has the opportunity to produce 1,500 electric vehicles.

The purpose of the agreement between companies in the energy sector: PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna, Enea, Tauron Polska Energia with PGZ and Autosan is to establish the rules of cooperation in the field of electrification of the vehicle fleet used by energy companies or enterprises from their groups in operating activities in the generation and distribution of electricity.

Today’sagreement, which will ultimately lead to the production of a fleet of special eco-friendly vehicles, is part of our strategy to diversify our portfolio and expand the offer directed towards the civilian market. Cooperation with the largest enterprises in the energy sector is the key to developing innovative solutions with significant development and business potential said Witold Słowik, President of the Board of PGZ SA.

The agreement concerns the production of cars, by Autosan, for the replacement of the fleet of special vehicles used, among others, by assembly services, energy emergency services and other teams for the so-called Distribution Network Operators (DSOs) or companies from the PGE, Enea and TAURON groups. Ultimately, as many as 100 cars per year for each of the companies that have concluded the agreement can be delivered. The total potential for operational cooperation was estimated at 1,500 electric vehicles.

As a leader in the power sector, we implement activities for the development of electromobility in a complementary manner. We focus on the entire system – from charging infrastructure, through e-carsharing, to the gradual replenishment of our fleet with electric cars. The signed agreement allows for  the achievement of synergy between all the major energy groups in Poland and at the same time supports the Polish industry in the field of electric vehicle production – said Henryk Baranowski, President of the Board of PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna. 

As a leader in the development of electromobility in Poland, we have already tested the car sharing service in Katowice in conjunction with the infrastructure for charging electric cars. In addition to the ongoing construction of its own network of over 150 charging stations, TAURON is also preparing a comprehensive offer for customers, from station design and construction to infrastructure management together with payment systems says Filip Grzegorczyk, President of the Board of TAURON Polska Energia. – Now, thanks to the agreement, we will check how electric vehicles fit into the daily functioning of the Group – adds President Grzegorczyk.

The Enea Group is actively involved in the development and construction of e-mobility infrastructure in Poland. We see potential in the development of the electric vehicle sector not only in the context of the solutions offered to individual customers, but also the use of electric vehicles for the needs of Enea Group operations. In this regard, we are observing rapid technological progress, which is making such solutions more and more attractive for entrepreneurs. The Enea Group is part of the current development trends in the area of electromobility. The potential for the use of electric cars in the economy is growing steadily. An ecosystem is being built that is conducive to the development of this area, funds are also available, which should be an additional stimulus to the interest in this type of vehicles on the market said Mirosław Kowalik, President of the Board of Enea SA.

For the efficient implementation of the concluded agreement, the parties decided to establish a working team whose task will be to develop, in accordance with the schedule, a framework action plan taking into account the readiness of the parties to achieve the objectives.

Autosan strives to develop its offer in the segment of electric vehicles, in line with the development trend of the automotive and bus industry. The company is also facing new opportunities related to participation in the programme piloted by the National Centre for Research and Development to develop and produce innovative zero-emission public transport vehicles.

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