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Awards for Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa

Awards for Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa 06.09.2019

On the last day of the Kielce exhibition, awards for the most innovative and prospective products increasing national security were presented. The Special Mention of the Minister of National Defence was awarded to the new Borsuk Amphibious IFV, and Defenders were awarded to PGZ, Nitro-Chem, and PCO. Fabryka Broni Łucznik received the award of the Commander of the Territorial Defence Forces. The stands of the PGZ Group also received awards.

The military industry has always been a catalyst for innovation for the whole economy. Therefore, research and development works have been, are and will be one of our priorities” - said Witold Słowik, President of the Management Board of PGZ S.A. The awarded products are an example of modern solutions responding to the needs of the modern battlefield. The new amphibious BORSUK IFV meets all the requirements of the Polish army.

“Borsuk” with the ZSSW-30 system is to replace the obsolete BWP-1 vehicles in the Armed Forces, and the ZSSW-30 system, integrated with an anti-tank guided missile launcher, will be implemented as an armament of the infantry fighting vehicles and wheeled armoured personnel carriers of the Land Forces.

Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa received the Defender awards for modular, variant-based config of tank destroyers for the OTTOKAR-BRZOZA programme. A number of companies from the PGZ Group participates in the project, like chassis providers: HSW, OBRUM and WZM, but also integrators and effector manufacturers: WZU and MESKO.

Zakłady Chemiczne NITRO-CHEM S.A. were awarded for the first Polish low sensitivity explosive elaborated in a prototype artillery shell together with a research station and a set of STANAG 4439-compatible tests.

The distinction was also awarded to PCO S.A. for its NPL-1T thermal night vision binoculars. It is designed for individual infantry soldiers. The thermal binoculars' design solutions and advanced thermal imaging methods have resulted in exceptional thermal image quality while reducing weight and energy consumption. In addition, it can be used with a military GPS receiver.

Fabryka Broni Łucznik from Radom received the award of the Commander of the Territorial Defence Forces for the semi-automatic MSBS GROT designated marksman rifle. The MSBS GROT 7.62x51 rifle is a completely Polish, original construction resulting from the cooperation between Fabryka Broni and Military University of Technology. The general construction of the weapon is based on the 5.56 mm Modular Small Arms System and contains all its best features, i.e. reliability and safety of operation, modularity, ergonomics and technical aesthetics.

Also this year, the PGZ stand received a distinction for the organization of a collective presentation and the Cenzin stand, a member of the PGZ Group, for an innovative and innovative way of presenting its offer at the Kielce exhibition.

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