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TYTAN at PGZ Group’s stand

TYTAN at PGZ Group’s stand 06.09.2019

During this year’s 27th edition of the MSPO Expo a consortium of PGZ companies headed by PCO S.A. presented solutions developed as part of the project entitled “Advanced Personal Combat Systems code-name TYTAN”.

Prototypes of the TYTAN system’s elements have already been produced. We are now in the middle of qualification tests of all of the system’s elements, as well as certification tests of some of them. This cycle is very labour- and time-consuming. The project surprised us with a number of challenges pertaining to the architecture and the ergonomics of the solution designed, which naturally affected the research and development process. It must be stressed that completion of the works on this project depends on the certification process carried out by an independent state-owned certification body,” said Chwałek, vice-president of the board of PGZ S.A.

The project entitled “Advanced Personal Combat Systems code-name TYTAN” is set to provide soldiers with the equipment and arms that meet the requirements of 21st century battlefields, and it will constitute a support system for mechanised infantry.

This system’s priority is to increase the soldier’s team situational awareness on the battlefield, which will directly translate into increased personal safety levels. The system’s architecture, when combined with the minimised weight of personal equipment and maximised ergonomics of the use of weaponry, communication systems, and support systems, will significantly translate into the combat potential of the soldiers equipped with the TYTAN system.

The TYTAN system comprises a number of elements developed by PGZ Companies. The basic weapons include the MSBS „Grot” carbine and the VIS-100 pistol. A large part of the system comprises dedicated optoelectronics: sights and night vision monoculars produced by PCO S.A. For TYTAN, Maskpol S.A. developed 4 new types of camouflage, while Zakłady Dezamet S.A. are developing a broad range of 40 mm grenade launcher ammunition as well as a family of new hand grenades. PCO S.A. is the leader of the PGZ Group’s consortium responsible for carrying out this ambitious project.

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