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PGZ to repair ORP Xawery Czernicki

PGZ to repair ORP Xawery Czernicki 08.03.2019

The consortium comprising Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa, PGZ Stocznia Wojenna, and Stocznia Remontowa Nauta has concluded an agreement with the Naval Port Headquarters in Świnoujście for the primary and dock repairs of the ORP Kontradmirał Xawery Czernicki – a command vessel of the Polish minesweeping forces.

This project provides for thorough repairs of the ORP Kontradmirał Xawery Czernicki. The repairs will be carried out by a consortium consisting of: PGZ S.A. , PGZ SW sp. z o. o., and SR NAUTA S.A. The value of this agreement exceeds 85 million zlotys. On the side of the consortium the agreement was signed by: the vice-president of PGZ S.A. Sebastian Chwałek, member of the board PGZ S.A. Michał Kuczmierowski, the president of PGZ SW sp. z o.o. Konrad Konefał, and the president of SR NAUTA S.A. Adam Potrykus, while on the side of Naval Port Headquarters in Świnoujście the agreement was signed by commodore Marek Bartkowski.

One of the primary tasks of the shipyards owned by PGZ is to guarantee the broadest possible autonomy in the field of diagnostics, repairs, and maintaining operational readiness of warships. That the works on the ORP Kontradmirał Xawery Czernicki have been commissioned to us is yet another confirmation of our capabilities to provide maintenance of Polish Navy ships,” said the vide-president of PGZ S.A., Sebastian Chwałek.

The ORP Kontradmirał Xawery Czernicki acts as the command vessel of the Polish minesweeping forces in national and allied ship groups. These repairs are required, among other things, due to the fact that from 2021 this vessel will be included in the NATO Response Force. Her tasks will include but will not be limited to:

  • commanding ship groups involved in minesweeping operations;
  • ensuring safety of naval routes;
  • carrying out rescue operations;
  • carrying out fire extinguishing operations;
  • monitoring vessel traffic;
  • providing logistics support for other vessels (including deliveries of fuel, water, or food);
  • acting as a depot-ship for own and allied forces.
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