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Awards and distinctions for the Polish Armaments Group

Awards and distinctions for the Polish Armaments Group 07.09.2018

On the last day of the International Defence Industry Exhibition (MSPO) in Kielce, awards and distinctions were granted to the most innovative and promising products increasing national security. Defender Awards, as well as special awards of the Minister of National Defence, the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology and the Chief of Territorial Defence Forces, as well as the most prestigious one – from the President of the Republic of Poland – were granted to products of companies from the Polish Armaments Group.

The President of the Republic of Poland Award for the product that contributed the most to increasing the security level for the soldiers of the Polish Armed Forces was granted to Centrum Techniki Morskiej (Maritime Technology Centre) in Gdynia for the first Polish sCombat Management System named SCOT.It is a modern naval system based on cutting-edge technologies and IT solutions.The system integrates the most important shipboard subsystems: airborne, surface and underwater target combat, asymmetrical threat combat, technical surveillance, radars, communication and services provided by the integrated navigation system.  

”The Polish Armaments Group is the leader of the Polish defence industry.We produce a number of mature, proven solutions, used in the Polish Armed Forces as well as abroad.However, the world keeps changing.In order for the armament industry to remain competitive and to respond to the new needs of the Polish Armed Forces, it must constantly modernize and invest in research and development projects,as well as elaborate and develop new products with a view to the future needs.The examples of such solutions are the products which received distinctions and awards today”, said Jakub Skiba, PhD,Chairman of the Management Board of the Polish Armaments Group.

The companies Rosomak S.A. and WB Electronics S.A. received a special distinction from the Minister of National Defence for the command vehicle on the KTO 8x8 system platform. The vehicle enables the commanders and postholders to manage and to command both when it is moving and when it is stationary (including communication maintenance, decision-making and information processes support and information exchange both with the superior and with subordinate and cooperating units).The specialized equipment used, as well as the software elaborated, enable to process confidential information up to and including the NATO SECRET clause.

The special award of the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology, granted for the first time to the best Polish armaments exporter, went to Bydgoszcz Chemical Works "NITRO-CHEM” S.A.

The Defender Award was presented to PCO S.A. for the optoelectronic modernization kit for the Leopard 2A4 tank, as well as Mesko S.A. together with the Military Institute of Armament Technology for the M-21 FENIKS HE missile.Another product rewarded was the 35 mm maritime canon system AM-35.The solution was elaborated within the framework of a consortium comprising companies from the Polish Armaments Group:PIT-Radwar and Zakłady Mechaniczne (Tarnów Mechanical Plant) as well as universities: Military University of Technology and the Polish Naval Academy.The artillery system based on the AM-35 maritime cannon is designed for airborne target combat at very low to medium altitudes.It constitutes an efficient means of protection against unmanned aircraft. It may also be used for surface target combat at sea.The system’s open architecture, its modularity and scalability provides for a possibility of its integration on many classes of vessels.

The Protective Equipment Company “Maskpol” S.A. received the Commander-in-chief of the Territorial Defence Forces award for Dromader,a modular, scalable integrated system for transport of light infantry armament and equipment, comprising over 70 elements,including a ballistic component and equipment for inventory and uniform transport.

The jubilee award for its 80th anniversary went to Huta Stalowa Wola S.A.The company is a part of the Polish Armaments Group and forms its own capital group comprising, among others, military equipment manufacturer HSW S.A. and fully consolidated companies:HSW-Wodociągi (HSW-Waterworks) and JELCZ – a company producing highly mobile trucks of various classes for the military. HSW manufactures, among others, the Rak 120 mm self-propelled mortars and the Krab 155 mm auto-loading guns, which form a part of the Regina artillery module.Four such modules were ordered in December 2016 by the Ministry of National Defence Armament Inspectorate.The value of the contract was PLN 4.5 billion,the highest one in the history of the Polish defence industry.During this year’s edition of the International Defence Industry Exhibition, HSW S.A. presented the prototype of the new Borsuk floating combat infantry vehicle with remote-controlled integrated turret system (ZSSW-30).

50th anniversary distinctions were also awarded to two other companies from the Polish Armaments Group:Wojskowe Centralne Biuro Konstrukcyjno-Technologiczne S.A. and Ośrodek Badawczo-Rozwojowy Urządzeń Mechanicznych OBRUM sp. z o.o.

The Chairmen of the board of PGZ S.A., Jakub Skiba, PhD was also awarded a special distinction for the organization of the collective presentation during the Kielce fair.The Polish Armaments Group and the Kielce Fair signed a letter of intent regarding the extension of their cooperation and the strategic partnership of PGZ with the next editions of MSPO.

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