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PGZ starts cooperating with The Kościuszko Foundation

PGZ starts cooperating with The Kościuszko Foundation 22.05.2018

Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa started cooperation with The Kościuszko Foundation. The cooperation aims at creating favourable conditions for developing expert personnel from the new technologies and innovative sectors.

The agreement provides for the involvement in the implementation of joint educational, scientific and research projects: scholarship programmes, internships and apprenticeships for specialists, experts and young scientists from areas related to the Group's activities. Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa is the first industrial entity to cooperate with The Kościuszko Foundation.

Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa employs the best specialists from various industries in order to design and create products using the most modern and innovative solutions. We focus on continuous development of human resources and potential. This is achieved through cooperation programmes with universities, research centres and research institutes. Cooperation with the Kosciuszko Foundation, an American-Polish cultural and educational institution, is one of many projects aimed at building competence and promoting achievements of Polish research centres in the segment of modern technologies.

- We are committed to enabling our experts and young scientists to gain valuable scientific and professional experience. In today's economy, it is innovation that gives us a competitive edge, which is why if we want to be successful, we must support and promote the achievements of our scientific staff. Starting our cooperation with a renowned international institution, The Kościuszko Foundation, we are opening new opportunities for our specialists, which will allow for the promotion and development of Polish technical thought and the use of solutions developed in Poland in the most modern products - said Jakub Skiba, Ph.D., President of the Managing Board of PGZ S.A.

The agreement covers the following activities, i.e.:

-  scholarship programmes, including the General Tadeusz Kościuszko Scholarship Competition as a part of the scholarship programme of the Kościuszko Foundation „Exchange Program to the United States”, and scholarship for the competition winners at universities and research centres in the USA.

-  organising traineeships and apprenticeships, including a scholarship programme for young scientists, specialists and experts,

-  promoting the results of joint work in the scientific and socioeconomic environment,

-  organisation of joint conferences, seminars, workshops, specialist training, discussion meetings, lectures, lectures, occasional events in the field of achievements and the history of Polish science,

-  conducting joint journalistic, publishing and educational activities, including those promoting patriotic attitudes, cultivating patriotic and historical traditions.


Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa (PGZ) is a leader of the Polish industry and one of the largest defence groups in Europe.It concentrates more than 60 companies (from defence, shipyard, and new technologies sectors), achieving annual revenue of approximately 5 billion PLN.By making use of the technology Polonisation potential, close co-operation with Polish scientists, and focus on the research and development process, PGZ offers innovative products which enhance Poland’s security.PGZ offers, among other things: the very short-range anti-air defence system comprising the “Poprad” system and the “Soła" radar; the “Grom” and “Piorun” man-portable anti-aircraft missile systems; the “Pilica” very short-range anti-air missile and artillery system; the PGZ-19R unmanned aerial verhicle system; the “Rosomak” wheeled armoured personnel carrier; the “Rak” self-propelled mortar; the artillery system comprising the “Krab” self-propelled gun-howitzer; the individual soldier equipment with “Beryl” and “Grot” assault rifles.PGZ also has competencies in designing, construction, and furnishing of sea vessels.Furthermore, PGZ modernises and provides maintenance for vehicles, airplanes, helicopters, and vessels (including the equipment used by the former USSR).In the coming years, PGZ will be developing aerospace and satellite technologies, as well as cyber technologies.

THE KOSCIUSZKO FOUNDATION – a non-profit organization founded in 1925, on the eve of the 150th anniversary of Tadeusz Kościuszko's joining the forces of the American revolution. The purpose of the Foundation is to conduct, support and promote intellectual, cultural and educational exchanges between the Republic of Poland and the United States. The Foundation has been pursuing its goals for over 90 years, among others, through granting financial assistance, in particular grants and research and study grants to meritorious Polish scientists, research and teaching staff and students;

- popularisation and support of exchange of students, academics, scientists, lecturers and academics between the Republic of Poland and the United States;

- fostering closer intellectual and cultural relations between the Republic of Poland and the United States;

- research and information activities concerning history and social issues related to Polish-American relations;

- historical and social education through the organization of seminars, symposia, discussions, conferences, lectures, exhibitions, plebiscites and other forms of knowledge transfer, as well as through the organization of competitions and the awarding of prizes;

- conducting editorial and informational activities, including publishing books, dictionaries, magazines, brochures and special publications, as well as publishing DVDs and setting up and running Internet platforms.



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