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Agreement for the implementation of OCEAN 2020 was signed


On 28 March 2018, at the European Commission headquarters in Brussels, an agreement was signed for the implementation of the European Defence Agency, OCEAN 2020. The objective of the project is the development of the potential of areal, water and underwater unmanned platforms in recognition of and surveillance of the bodies of sea water located in Community waters. The consortium comprises European institutions and companies. Poland is represented by Research and Development of Centrum Techniki Morskiej S.A. (CTM), which forms a part of the Polish Armaments Group.

The OCEAN 2020 project is the most significant Europe-wide military research project which obtained EU funding in the amount of c.a. EUR 35 million. The consortium created in order to implement the project comprises 42 partners from 15 countries and is led by the Italian company Leonardo. CTM will enrich the project with its experience in construction and integration of maritime observation systems, both land and naval, elaborated for the Polish Navy. The results of the works conducted will translate into increased efficiency of surveillance of maritime areas surrounding the European Union.

“The participation of the Research and Development of the Maritime Technology Centre in such a momentous undertaking is a significant event for us and will allow not only to enrich the project with our experience, but also to strengthen the relationships between European industrial entities,” said Andrzej Kilian, Eng. PhD, president of the management board of OBR CTM S.A.

“We are certain that our joint works within the framework of a consortium will allow to elaborate a coherent, innovative, European solution regarding the elaboration of an integrated system of notification of the situation on the maritime areas of the European Union," added Joanna Sztiller, vice-president of the management board of OBR CTM S.A.

The project involves conducting two maritime drills, whose scenarios will be elaborated by the participants of the OCEAN 2020 programme. The first one will be implemented in the Mediterranean (in 2019), with Leonardo playing a leading role based on the selected units of Marina Militare – the Italian navy. The other one will be implemented in the Baltic Sea (in 2020), in cooperation with Svenska Marinen – navy of the Kingdom of Sweden – and the selected defense industry entities. The data collected during the drills will be processed and sent to the prototypical European command and surveillance centre in Brussels.

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