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Announcement regarding the participation of Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa in the proceedings conducted by the Ministry of Defense of Peru


Having regard to the media reports, PGZ S.A. would like to inform that in the proceedings conducted by the Ministry of Defense of Peru, no terms of tender were announced and exclusively an invitation to the market study procedure, i.e. an equivalent of our analysis and concept stage was presented.The procedure is not binding in any manner and does not translate directly into a purchase decision.Furthermore, the Peruvians have still not called, let alone completed, any tender for the purchase of the system of that class.The statement regarding the Peruvians’ interest in the purchase of equipment and armaments of the value of PLN 40 m is also not true.

Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa is ready for further cooperation and remains interested in providing the Peruvian armed forces with Grom missiles,However, it needs to be emphasized that since the Ministry of Defense of Peru expressed interest in very short-range anti-aircraft missiles, the Peruvian government has been subject to changes, resulting among others in changes in the ministry of defense.In the current situation, PGZ is aware of the fact that the proceedings in question may have moved down the list of purchase priorities of the Peruvian Ministry of Defense.The fact does not affect our involvement and willingness to cooperate with the Peruvian party in any manner.

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