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First GROT rifles in the Polish Armed Forces

First GROT rifles in the Polish Armed Forces 30.11.2017

On Thursday, November 30, there was a symbolic handing over of the first MSBS "GROT" rifles to soldiers of the Territorial Defense Forces. In line with earlier announcements, by the end of the year, the first thousand Modular Firearm System rifles manufactured by Fabryka Broni "Łucznik" - Radom sp. z o.o. will be supplied to the Polish army. The entire order if for more than 53,000 firearms for almost PLN 0.5 billion. The entire order is to be completed by 2020.

MSBS "Grot" is the first system of 5.56 x 45 mm weapons developed solely by the Polish industry and scientific centers. This is the first Polish construction in modern history which, to that extent, will be used to equip the army. Recently, "Grot" has successfully passed the last series of tests, thus closing the qualification process and starting the implementation cycle of weapons for the Polish Armed Forces.

- There is no better place for this ceremony than the monument of the Home Army commander, General Stefan "Grot" Rowecki, whose name honors this rifle. The first batch of rifles will into go the hands of line soldiers, TDF soldiers, then special forces and, finally, operational troops. Soldiers will use weapons created and designed in a Polish factory, in Polish industry - Remember that the entire effort of the Ministry of Defense, the Polish government and industry is aimed at making the Polish army equipped with Polish equipment - Antoni Macierewicz, the Minister of National Defense said during the ceremony.

The weapon was positively evaluated by the military, whose tests showed that it is less susceptible to jamming when using munitions of inferior quality or in the case of strong contamination of mechanisms arising during intense fire or inadequate maintenance, also in relation to weapons currently used in special forces. Today's symbolic handover is associated with the dispatch of the first "Grot" batch to military units, which in the near future will begin exercises concerning the operation and maintenance of MSBS systems.

- Today's event has a symbolic dimension for the Polish defense industry. It confirms our determination and effectiveness of Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa in providing the Polish Armed Forces with the highest quality equipment and rebuilding the potential of the domestic defense industry.  Fabryka Broni in Radom is working at top gear to respond to the needs of the Polish Army in the shortest time possible, but it is also worth noting that the "Grot" entry into the TDF equipment also significantly strengthens our position in the tenders for delivery of firearm systems for other countries - said the chairman of the management board of PGZ SA Błażej Wojnicz.

 Until this September the latest rifle from Radom was known as MSBS, which stands for Modular Firearm System. During this year's edition of MSPO, the family of rifles was officially named "Grot" commemorating the legionnaire, the soldier of September 1939, and the Commander-in-Chief of the Union of Armed Struggle and of the Home Army, major-general Stefan Rowecki "Grot" (Arrowhead).  

MSBS "Grot" is very popular among NATO and Allied countries. The PGZ Group is currently conducting talks on the possibility of providing these modern rifles to for example Estonia and Pakistan. The issue of having full patent rights allows PGZ to fully address the demand of a potential client seeking not only high-quality weapons, but also a wide training package and - in the case of large orders - technology transfer.

GROT Modular Firearm System

The GROT rifle is a weapon developed by  Fabryka Broni Łucznik  - Radom and the Military University of Technology. In its class, it is a weapon unique globally.

In its final form, the complete system has 11 configurations, all based on a common chamber and barrels. Six of them are to be a weapon in a classic configuration, with a proper buttstock, MSBS-5.56K (basic rifle, rifle-grenade launcher, carbine, SAW, designated marksman rifle and a new rifle for the  Honor Guard Battalion of the Polish Armed Forces), and five in a bullpup configuration ( all listed except for the representative rifle).

The ability to combine elements, such as a barrel module with an integrated gas chamber, a trigger mechanism module, a grenade launcher and a buttstock module allows you to quickly customize the weapon for a specific recipient and specific needs, creating a service weapon or a support weapon. All these possibilities apply not only to weapons in the classic but also in the bullpup config. This configurability is possible thanks to one interchangeable element, which is the chamber. The chamber and the trigger were designed both for right- and left-handed users. The ejection slot can be placed either on the right or on the left side of the rifle in such a way that ejecting the casings, regardless of the weapon system or the firing position, would not interfere with firing. According to current standards, the rifle has mounting rails on which a wide range of optoelectronic devices can be mounted.

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