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Air-dropped Mk 82 bombs will be manufactured in Poland

Air-dropped Mk 82 bombs will be manufactured in Poland 29.11.2017

On Wednesday, November 29 at the Nitro-Chem factory in Bydgoszcz, in the presence of the secretary of state in the Ministry of National Defense Mr Bartosz Kownacki and a member of the board of PGZ S.A. Mr Robert Guta there was a ceremonial signing of the contract for the production of air-dropped bombs of the Mk 82 family. This type of weaponry is one of the most frequently used air bombs in the world, and it also forms a part of the Polish F-16 Fighting Falcons' payload.

The agreement results from the signing (in May 2017) of a letter of intent regarding cooperation in the production of standard NATO Mk 80 family air bombs in Poland. The production will take place together with a renowned partner, RWM Italia, a member of the Rheinmetall Defense group - a certified and world-recognized manufacturer of air-dropped bombs. Thanks to the agreement and planned technological cooperation, the bomb produced in Bydgoszcz will meet all the quality requirements of this type of equipment and will be able to be used in modern, guided air bombs (e.g. GBU-12 and GBU-38).

- Finalizing of the Mk 82 production process is the next step for Nitro-Chem on the road to obtaining sovereignty of arms production for the Polish Air Force. The plant is currently developing concepts for the implementation of other types of bombs, so as to be able to efficiently respond to all needs reported by Polish pilots. This example perfectly demonstrates that effective use of technology transfer translates into tangible business benefits for the company - said after the ceremony the Secretary of State in the Ministry of National Defense, Mr Bartosz Kownacki.

According to the contract, some elements, including bomb casings manufactured by the innovative  method of rolling, will be imported from Italy. In Bydgoszcz, they will be subject to elaboration, that is filling, and then completing, depending on the needs of the recipient. Nitro-Chem will also take care of the correct configuration and compatibility of products with guidance kits manufactured by different suppliers.

The general-purpose Mk-82 air bomb is the most popular air bomb used by F-16 aircraft. It is deployed in many varieties, also serving as the warhead of guided bomb systems. The bomb is used to destroy or incapacitate mainly stationary ground and surface targets. The Mk-82 bomb is equipped with a warhead, fuze, stabilizing set and minor accessories used to provide ballistic characteristics and the ability to be placed under the aircraft's pylons (lifting eyes).

In the near future, Nitro-Chem will be able to offer Mk-82 bombs in proceedings for the supply of this weapon to the Polish Air Force. The Bydgoszcz-based company consistently implements the strategy of polonization of weapon systems used as the equipment of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland. In the last three years, the Air Force ordered about 1,300 bombs of this type. The start of production in Poland planned for the second half of next year will, however, translate not only into increasing the security and certainty of deliveries to the domestic recipient, but it will also create new opportunities for potential export to the third markets.

Under the contract, the Italian partner will buy TRITONAL in Bydgoszcz. It is a composition of TNT and aluminum used as explosives for Mk 82 and Mk 84 bombs. The mixture from Nitro-Chem will be used to elaborate the bombs in the RWM Italia plant in Sardinia. Another field of cooperation is the decision by RWM Italia to purchase other explosive materials at the Bydgoszcz plant.


Zakłady Chemiczne „Nitro-Chem” the center of ammunition elaboration in Poland. In addition to the production of explosives for the needs of the Polish Armed Forces and allied armies, the company deals with filling mines, air-dropped bombs (including LBOB-100 bombs) and various calibers of artillery and mortar shells. A significant part of explosives produced in Nitro-Chem is sold to civil customers, who use them primarily in mining and road construction.

RWM Italia is a member of the Rheinmetall Defense group. In addition to the bombs of the Mk 80 family (including Mk 82 and Mk 84), RWM Italia also produces naval mines and depth charges and provides ammunition elaboration services. The company operates in Ghedi in northern Italy and in Domusnovas in Sardinia.

Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa (PGZ) is a leader of the Polish industry and one of the largest defence groups in Europe.It concentrates more than 60 companies (from defence, shipyard, and new technologies sectors), achieving annual revenue of approximately 5 billion PLN.By making use of the technology Polonisation potential, close co-operation with Polish scientists, and focus on the research and development process, PGZ offers innovative products which enhance Poland’s security.PGZ offers, among other things: the very short-range anti-air defence system comprising the “Poprad” system and the “Soła" radar; the “Grom” and “Piorun” man-portable anti-aircraft missile systems; the “Pilica” very short-range anti-air missile and artillery system; the PGZ-19R unmanned aerial verhicle system; the “Rosomak” wheeled armoured personnel carrier; the “Rak” self-propelled mortar; the artillery system comprising the “Krab” self-propelled gun-howitzer; the individual soldier equipment with “Beryl” and “Grot” assault rifles.PGZ also has competencies in designing, construction, and furnishing of sea vessels.Furthermore, PGZ modernises and provides maintenance for vehicles, airplanes, helicopters, and vessels (including the equipment used by the former USSR).In the coming years, PGZ will be developing aerospace and satellite technologies, as well as cyber technologies.

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