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PGZ and War Studies University to train experts for defence industry

PGZ and War Studies University to train experts for defence industry 24.10.2017

Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa established long-term co-operation with WSU. It provides for carrying out joint educational as well as research and development projects. The first joint project is the recently commenced prestigious scholarship programme for the best students.

Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa has commenced the recruitment of students for its scholarship programme.The company has established a social scholarship council for this programme and invited, among others, representatives of the Ministry of National Defence and the University to sit on it.The council will select 10 students to receive the scholarship in the amount of 9 000 zlotys from PGZ, to be paid out in instalments over the following months.

 “Co-operation with military or technical universities is an opportunity for effective transfer of modern human resources, competencies, and knowledge about new technologies and innovative solutions,” said Błażej Wojnicz, the president of PGZ. “All interested parties will benefit from it.As a company we can use it to profile and prepare future employees for PGZ’s needs.To us it is an investment.Universities will get the chance to test their core curriculum against market realities.This way we get the chance to work together and ensure that the education system matches the requirements of the labour market, and the universities’ offering affords young people the opportunity to find exciting jobs in Poland.”

PGZ is facing ambitious business goals, finalisation of the consolidation process under the capital group and transformation into a modern organisation that operates basing on advanced competencies.The above-mentioned programme is supposed to make it easier for the company to reach talented young people who may reinforce its personnel in the future.In addition to the scholarship programme PGZ’s employees will be working to teach the students, carry out research and development projects, and also implementation projects.

The idea of PGZ’s closer co-operation with academic centres across Poland is the result of the need to provide the capital group with succession in the field of competencies, know-how expansion, and better use of new technologies.It is supposed to increase the competitiveness of the Polish defence corporation’s offering on international markets and to expand the offering addressed to the civilian sector.

PGZ S.A. is the leader of a capital group consisting of more than 60 companies specialising in different areas of the defence market.The PGZ Capital Group currently employs 17 500 specialists throughout Poland.The company’s annual sales reach 5 billion zlotys.It is one of the biggest defence corporations in Central and Eastern Europe.

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