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Newly-established PGZ Foundation contributed to purchasing manuscript of Henryk Sienkiewicz’s “The Deluge”

Newly-established PGZ Foundation contributed to purchasing manuscript of Henryk Sienkiewicz’s “The Deluge” 23.10.2017

On Monday, 23 October the Foundation of Polska Groupa Zbrojeniowa commenced its operations. Thanks to the donation provided the Henryk Sienkiewicz Museum in Wola Okrzejska could purchase ten pages of "The Deluge’s” manuscript. The official signing of the contract was attended by the Minister of National Defence Antoni Macierewicz.

The signing of the donation contract took place on the premises of the Parish of Madonna of Loreto in the Warsaw district of Prague, next to the symbolic grave of Roch Kowalski - a brave dragoon and a colourful character from Sienkiewicz’s epic.

 “What really builds the strength, which is next perceived and used, is the spirit of a nation.It is the soul of a nation.It is a system of values that we follow when bringing up our children and then the adults - those who use the material values to build a free, independent, and prosperous Motherland.The purpose of this foundation is to reinforce, expand, and disseminate the values that have accompanied our nation for a thousand years,” said Minister Antoni Macierewicz.

The collection of pages from the manuscript of Henryk Sienkiewicz’s “The Deluge” was put on auction organised by an antiquarian bookstore in Warsaw in May this year.The manuscript contains the following fragments of the novel:

  • the taking of the Swedish royal banner,
  • Swedes in the fork between the Vistula and the San.Conquest of Sandomierz,
  • Zagłoba’s legation to the Swedish camp to pick up Roch Kowalski.

 “Today’s even shows that Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa is more than just a corporation.Due to our strategic position in the Republic of Poland’s system of security we feel obliged to look after our history and our national heritage.To express this feeling we have decided to establish a foundation that will complement the PGZ Group's mission through social and cultural activities," said the president of PGZ Błażej Wojnicz.

The Henryk Sienkiewicz Museum in Wola Okrzejska in agreement with the antiquarian bookstore reserved the right to purchase the manuscript out of auction after collecting the necessary sum.The institution announced the fundraiser, asking large nationwide companies, local entrepreneurs, and individuals who love Henryk Sienkiewicz’s works for support.The museum’s appeal was responded to by schools from Łukowski district, institutions bearing Sienkiewicz’s name, tourists, as well as individual donors from all over Poland.However, the one thing to finalise the transaction were key partners to the undertaking.The decision to support the museum financially and enable it to purchase “The Deluge’s” manuscript pages was made by the newly-established PGZ Foundation for which it is its inaugural project.

The manuscript pages purchased will be exhibited in the manor in Wola Okrzejska where Henryk Sienkiewicz was born and which now houses the museum dedicated to him, which coincidentally has recently celebrated its 50th anniversary.

 “The service to our homeland during peace does not require blood sacrifice.However, it requires gratitude for those who did spill their blood and for those whose achievements, talent, and attitudes built the foundations of our country.Today, following in the footsteps of previous generations, we can serve our country with persistent work, study, bringing up our youth, celebrating our culture, and taking responsibility for the future of Poland.What we really want to do is co-operate with veteran communities: both those from World War II and those who took part in Polish Army missions abroad,” said Eliza Dzwonkiewicz, president of the PGZ Foundation.

The primary goal of the Foundation is to support communities and initiatives that serve Poland.We understand this service as deliberate and consistent actions for the good of Poland and her citizens, in any field and in any part of social life.

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