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Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa at Air Show 2017

Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa at Air Show 2017 27.08.2017

On 26 and 27 August the 15th edition of the International Air Show took place in Radom. The opening ceremony of this event was attended by the Minister of National Defence Antoni Macierewicz and the General Commander of Polish Armed Forces, division general Jarosław Mika. Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa acted as the Air Show’s strategic partner and used the event as an opportunity of present a wide array of modern equipment. PGZ was represented by its President of the Board Błażej Wojnicz and Members of the board Maciej Lew-Mirski, Robert Gut and Szczepan Ruman.

The main attraction of this event consisted of aerobatics shows by pilots from ten countries. Aside from Poles, teams from USA, Spain, The Netherlands, Italy, Romania, Ukraine, Austria, Germany, and Lithuania showed off their skills as well. During individual and team flights the pilots presented the abilities of both military and civilian aircraft.

“Poles have been in love with aviation since its inception. This is symbolised by both the successes of Żwirko and Wigura 85 years ago, as well as by the achievements of contemporary Polish pilots. I would like to cordially welcome the representatives of all countries who have honoured our celebrations with their presence: pilots, soldiers, diplomats. We are glad that you could join us. We are proud that together with you the Polish teams will also have the opportunity to show off their great mastery,” the head of the Ministry of National Defence said during the opening ceremony.

The pilot’s flight feats weren’t the only attraction awaiting the event’s guests. The equipment presented by the companies comprising Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa garnered a lot of attention. The products were supplied by nine companies, and the guests had the opportunity to see, among other things, the “Langusta” missile launcher manufactured by Huta Stalowa Wola, drones from the Military Aviation Plant no. 2, the MESKO portable anti-air systems, assault rifles from the arms factory in Radom, trucks from Jelcz, an anti-drone system created by Wojskowe Zakłady Uzbrojenia S.A., or the Taurus electromagnetic power supply developed by Wojskowe Centralne Biuro Konstrukcyjno-Technologiczne SA, which had powered the Air Force One plane that carried president Donald Trump during his visit to Poland. This year’s edition of the Air Show was also full of other attractions. Those willing to explore their knowledge of history could visit the “Challenge 1932 Area” that commemorated the 85th anniversary of captain pilot Franciszek Żwirko’s and engineer Stanisław Wigura’s victory during the International Tourist Plane Competition that took place in Berlin in 1932. This area presented information about the rich history and colourful tradition of Polish aviation and domestic aviation industry. The youngest visitors could spend their time in the Children’s Area where numerous contests with prizes waited for them.

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