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PGZ Group companies won new contracts


During the first half of July 2017, PGZ’s companies Rosomak S.A. and Maskpol S.A. signed agreements for repairs and servicing the KTO Rosomak vehicles as well as universal repairs of protective vests with the 4th Regional Logistics Base in Wrocław. The total value of both contracts reached nearly 10 million zlotys.

As part of the contract concluded, Rosomak S.A. will be providing the emergency repair services for the HITFIST 30 mm turret system and the turntables installed in the KTO Rosomak vehicles until the end of 2019.

The contract between Maskpol and the Logistics Base pertains to facility repairs of the UKO vests.

Rosomak S.A., established in 1952, became famous as the manufacturer of the mission-tested Rosomak vehicles, but it also has long-standing tradition in servicing and retrofitting special products for the army. Initially, the company repaired and retrofitted light armoured vehicles and self-propelled cannons, then T-34 tanks and tanks from the T-54/55 family. Rosomak S.A. offers technical support at each stage of product use, delivering solutions based on the latest technologies supported by extensive knowledge and tests that contribute to increasing the level of modern soldier’s safety.

Maskpol S.A. is one of the leading manufacturers of equipment for the army, police, and guard forces in Poland. The company’s offering includes gas masks, combination filters and absorbers, combat and police helms, bulletproof vests and camouflaged bulletproof vests, ballistic covers, devices for decontamination of special equipment, clothing, and people, spike strips, multipurpose batons, combat batons etc.. Maskpol’s products are characterised by high quality and high protective parameters, meeting the requirements of strict international standards. This year, Maskpol concluded a contract worth 273 million zlotys with the Arms Inspectorate of the Ministry of National Defence for the deliveries of protective equipment to be used by, among others, the newly-formed Territorial Defence Forces.

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