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Statement concerning the publication at the portal


As regards the publication of the portal titled "Second wave of good change" in Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa we would like to inform you that:

1)      It is not true that „There is a former Lech Kaczyński's driver among the members of the Supervisory Board". No member of the Supervisory Board of PGZ S.A. has ever worked as a driver.

2)      Mr Arkadiusz Siwko, resigning as the President of the Managing Board of PGZ S.A., did not state the reasons for his decision.

3)      It is not true that a member of the Managing Board of PGZ S.A, Robert Gut „was the former Lech Kaczyński's driver". Mr Robert Gut has never worked as a driver.

4)      It is not true that a former Director of the Land Platforms Office of PGZ S.A., which supervises the subject matter of modernization of Leopard tanks for the Polish Armed Forces was replaced by a "car salesman from a dealership". The person, who currently works as  the Director of the Land Platforms Office of PGZ S.A has a multi-year experience in the automotive industry on managerial positions, however, has never worked as a car salesman in a dealership.

5)      It is not true that  „PGZ is unable to perform any program for the Polish army". Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa S.A. is in the process of executing a number of contracts to deliver equipment and armaments for the Polish Armed Forces, among others: a PLN 2.4bn contract to modernize Leopard 2A4 main battle tank to the Leopard 2PL standard, an almost PLN 1bn contract to manufacture 8 company-level fire modules "Rak", a PLN 4.5bn contract to manufacture 4 squadron-level fire modules "Krab", an almost PLN 1bn contract to manufacture and deliver portable anti-aircraft systems "Piorun", an almost PLN 750mn contract to manufacture and deliver 6 combined missile-artillery Pilica VSHORAD system, a PLN 420mn contract to manufacture and deliver high mobility medium load Jelcz 442.32 trucks and dozens of smaller contracts on manufacturing and modernizing equipment for the Polish Armed Forces. Moreover Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa S.A. has signed dozens of LOI and cooperation memoranda with leading concerns. Such documents pave the way for PGZ S.A. to cooperate with foreign partners at joint projects connected with the Plan of Technical Modernization of the Polish Armed Forces.

6)      An Executive Director is higher in the organizational structure of PGZ S.A. than an Office Director. It is therefore not possible for a Director of any PGZ S.A. Office to "appoint" an Executive Director, as it was stated in the article.

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