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Contract for acquisition of Patriot anti-missile system to be concluded this year

Contract for acquisition of Patriot anti-missile system to be concluded this year 03.04.2017

On 31 March 2017, a press conference organised by the Minister of National Defence Antoni Macierewicz to discuss the acquisition of the “Wisła” medium-range anti-aircraft and anti-missile defence system was held at the Ministry of National Defence. The conference was also attended by the Secretary of State at the Ministry of National Defence Bartosz Kownacki, the President of the Board of Raytheon Europe William O. Schmieder, and the President of the Board of Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa Błażej Wojnicz.

Minister Antoni Macierewicz said that a very important stage had been concluded in the talks concerning the acquisition of the medium-range anti-missile system that is to guarantee Poland’s safety. “Roughly at the end of this year we will be signing a contract for the acquisition of the Patriot anti-missile system, provided of course that all requirements of our request for proposal are met,” said the Minister.

Poland is planning to acquire 8 Patriot batteries, and the first set would reach Poland two years after signing the contract. The total cost of the order should not exceed 30 billion zlotys.

Bartosz Kownacki, the Secretary of State at the Ministry of National Defence, stressed that the network-centric IBCS system will be implemented in parallel in Poland and USA, which proves how advanced the Polish-American partnership is. In his speech Mr Kownacki also discussed in detail the issue of missiles for the Patriot system. Under the updated LoR Poland will stop buying the expensive GEM-T missiles in favour of the low-cost SkyCeptors. Furthermore, Poland will also have the PAC-3 MSE missiles at its disposal, which are effective against, among other things, the Iskander missiles. “Our ambition is also to manufacture low-cost missiles that will then be used not only by the Polish army, but also by other armies that use the Patriot system,” said Mr Kownacki.

Mr Błażej Wojnicz, President of the Board of Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa, stressed that co-operation with Raytheon provides PGZ with an opportunity to grow, conquer new markets, and acquire new capabilities. “It is a technological leap that Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa, and especially all the companies forming Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa which are our greatest strength, can make thanks to the co-operation with such an outstanding and powerful company as Raytheon,” said Mr Wojnicz. “I can assure you that this co-operation will be very advantageous for the Polish defence industry that Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa represents,”he added.

William O. Schmieder, President of Raytheon International, Inc., Europe, said that his company is looking forward to the co-operation with Polish industry, Polish and American governments, whose goal will be to supply a defence system of strategic importance for Poland. “Raytheon is honoured that Poland has chosen the battle-tested Patriot system, the most advanced anti-aircraft and anti-missile defence system in the world offering the most robust features,” said Mr Schmieder.

According to the negotiation terms at least 50% of production for the purposes of the “Wisła” system will be fulfilled by Polish industry.

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