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President of the Republic Poland Andrzej Duda visiting Rosomak S.A. company


On 9 March 2017 President Andrzej Duda visited Rosomak S.A. company belonging to the Polish Armaments Group (PGZ). The President’s arrival at the factory manufacturing Armored modular vehicles was the last part of the head of state’s longer visit in Siemianowice Śląskie.

The President was accompanied by Maciej Lew-Mirski, member of the Management Board of PGZ S.A. and Adam Janik, President of the Management Board of Rosomak S.A.

The armored modular vehicle Rosomak manufactured in Siemianowice Śląskie is the pride of the Polish defense industry. To date, 760 such vehicles in different versions have been produced. 720 of them were have been sold to the Polish army and 40 exported.


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